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Today we’re excited to announce two new premium themes: Small Business and Photo Blog.

Small Business

Small Business is a new premium theme for your entrepreneurial endeavors. At an introductory price of just $5 (or free with the Premium or Business plans), it’s a worthwhile investment for your business.

Small Business Theme Setup Instructions

We know that running a business is no small task, which is why Small Business includes comprehensive video instructions for its key features so you can get your business’ website online faster.

Small Business was designed with a simple, single-column layout for a consistent reading experience no matter the device or screen size, and uses system fonts to reduce page-load time. We’ve also included a few tailored features just for small businesses, like:

Contact Information: Your customers are busy people – that’s why easy access to essential information like your phone number and address is so important. Small…

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BIOS Manufacturer List

How to Reset BIOS Settings

How to Reset BIOS Settings

You can reset your PC’s BIOS settings to their factory defaults by selecting the Restore Defaults option within BIOS or by removing the CMOS battery from an unplugged computer for about five minutes. The software reset method through BIOS itself is the faster method that doesn’t risk damaging the hardware. The battery removal method requires opening the computer case, so only attempt it if you are unable to access BIOS to software reset the settings.


How to Reset BIOS

Load or Reset defaults

CMOS restore defaults

To reset your computers CMOS or BIOS settings back to the default settings follow the steps below.

  1. Enter CMOS setup.
  2. In CMOS setup, look for an option to reset the CMOS values to the default setting or an option to load the fail-safe defaults. With many CMOS setup screens, there will be a function key to do this. For example, the F5, F6, F9, F11, or F12 key, as shown in the picture, may be set up as a shortcut to load the default settings. Other setups may list an option that you can arrow over to using the arrow keys and pressing Enter.
  3. When found and selected, you’ll likely be asked if you’re sure you want to load the defaults. Press Y for yes or arrow to the yes option.
  4. Once the default values have been set, make sure to Save and Exit and not just exit


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Ariara, private luxury island in Philippines, available for rent

Ariara, private luxury island in Philippines, available for rent.




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